Whether it’s speaking to kids at a school, facing a boardroom with executives or being on stage, Irma has done it all.

This Canadian was born in South Africa, where she lived with her 3 siblings. She feels she was a “late bloomer”, and started following her true path when she almost lost her daughter through bullying and anxiety. That’s when she realized what parents, as well as youth, go through when the signs pointing towards mental health as well as social disfunction, are missed or ignored.

She talks about mindfulness in the workplace, which leads to similar behaviour at home. She believes adults are vital in helping their teens function in society. She is passionate about raising awareness of the challenges our youth is facing daily. She talks about the fact that teens have a voice, and it should be heard. She loves kids of all ages, and volunteers at her local library as a story teller and reader. She talks at schools where she takes kids through a series of interactive exercises to help them understand what bullying is, how to recognize it and how to deal with it.

Irma has published the first 2 books in a series of 5, called The Guardian Series, internationally. The short reads are written as fiction, but based on real life events, showing the tough world our teens navigate constantly.